331 Thank God for Appearing to Us

1. O God, I call out to You. May You listen to my prayer. O God, I listen to You and will not give You more worry. I open my heart to praise You and will not plan for myself anymore. To satisfy Your will, I’m willing to forsake the old flesh. So my spirit is joyful and my heart satisfied. May God be gracious to us.

2. Brothers and sisters get together, we are so happy. Offer praise for God’s righteousness. Ways of praising are so many. Singing new songs, performing new dances, praying and drawing near to God. The Holy Spirit working on us, everyone gets dancing. Your Spirit is always with us, our heart is so joyful!

3. O God is a wonderful God, His righteousness is all over the earth. All things have been renewed by God and all mankind praises Him. Open our heart to praise God and give glory to Him. We’ll forever sing new songs to God and praise the words from His mouth. All things have been revived, displaying vigor anew and praising unceasingly.

4. O God is an almighty God, appearing in the East of the world. You’ve gained a group of people with Your power and wisdom. All the glory and praise be to the almighty true God! All God’s people worship the true God, with fear of Him. God, thank You for appearing to us. We’ll love You forever. We’ll love You forever. We’ll love You forever.

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