340 How Hard It Is to Gain True Affection from Man


I long to see You and never to part from You. Though created by You,

I cannot always cling to You.

I’ve have been corrupted and severely afflicted. What great humiliation You suffer!

Who could understand You?

Every step is with blood and tears, every day is passed in grief.

You bestow Your love upon the world. Your heart is kinder than a loving mother’s.

You share suffering with man, endure the loneliness and rejection alone.

No one could care for You. Who could care for You?

Your calling never ceases, Your hope grows each day.

You pour out all You have, only for gaining man’s love.

What a pity that even today You can hardly gain true affection from man!

Who could comfort You?


I fall down before You, overwhelmed by grief,

filled with guilt, self-reproach, and indebtedness.

How should I make up for my trespasses?

I regret why, why I didn’t care for Your heart, why I disappointed You.

You leave in the world all Your ardent love.

Your charge before our parting is deeply engraved in my mind.

My heart desires nothing now. I only wish to be fully committed to You.

I only wish to be fully committed to You.

I only wish to be fully committed to You.

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