341 God, I Can’t Live Without You


Almighty God, You’ve brought me to Your presence.

Your sweet words, sweet words,

Your gentle and attractive love,

tightly grasp, tightly grasp my heart.

Ay … so my heart loves, loves You.

I always miss You; I’ve loved You deeply.

No words can, can express it.

Your beautiful face is lovable, is lovable.

Ay … Your kind words touches my heart, touches my heart.

Through dealing, disciplining, and enlightenment, enlightenment,

I taste more of Your love, Your love.

I can’t live without You, can’t live without You.


Almighty God, You are truly lovable, lovable.

Your deeds are attractive, are attractive.

Though my heart is painfully refined in trials,

I never regret loving You, loving You.

Ay … God, only if I can love You heartily,

I’ll submit to Your orchestrations without complaint, without complaint.

I wish to satisfy You with all my might, because I really love You.

The trial is heavy and seems endless.

Ay … yet I’m full of faith, full of faith in You.

As long as You are pleased, You are pleased,

I’m willing, I’m willing to be chastised.

My love for You is immutable, is immutable.

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