342 Only God Loves Mankind the Most

1. God is able to work this way today because His management plan has achieved this level. God loves mankind so He saves mankind, He is able to do this because He is driven by love and is under the premise of love. God became flesh and suffered enormous humiliation in order to save this group of corrupt mankind. This sufficiently proves that God’s love is so great.

2. There is counsel, comfort, encouragement, tolerance, and patience in the words that God speaks, even more so, there is judgment, chastisement, cursing, public disclosure, beautiful promises … in His words. Regardless of the method, it is all dominated by love. This is the substance of God’s work. This is the substance of God’s work.

3. Why are most people following so closely? Why do they have this much enthusiasm? They have understanding of God’s love, and they see that God’s work is saving people. Think about it, is God’s work not especially precise in its timing? One link closely follows another link without the slightest delay. He is not delaying, and it is still for mankind.

4. God is not willing to sacrifice or lose a single soul. People do not care about their own fates, do not care about their own fates, therefore, who on this earth loves you the most? You don’t love yourself, you don’t know to cherish your own life, and you don’t know how precious it is. Only God loves mankind the most.

5. People might still have not observed this, thinking that they love themselves. Actually, what love do people have for themselves? Only God’s love is true love; you will gradually experience what true love is. If God had not become flesh and worked and led people face to face, if He had not been in contact with people and lived with people all the time, then truly understanding God’s love would not be an easy thing for people to do, truly understanding God’s love would not be an easy thing for people to do.

from “Do You Understand God’s Love for Mankind?” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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