347 The Practical God Truly Loves Me


The practical God truly loves me; I can say nothing inwardly.

Knowing God’s love, I strive to make progress and try with all my might.

I’ll never disobey God’s will or grieve His heart again.

Bit by bit, I experience and live out the reality.

God loves me! God loves me! God’s love has seized me.

So I’ll neither get passive nor draw back or stay weak, but live a strong life.

Our future is infinitely bright.


The practical God truly loves me; I can say nothing inwardly.

Unless I care for God’s will, I’ll suffer more.

Satisfy God’s desire and never be lazy.

It’s my wish to live constantly in God’s word.

Don’t be lazy! Don’t be lazy! God will delight in my living out the reality.

I sincerely give my heart to God and submit to His arrangement without choice.

May the friendship between God and me increase.


The practical God truly loves me; I really have nothing to say.

Ponder God’s word often and never miss it.

Though there is a whole lot in my heart, I tell God little by little.

In this world, only the practical God truly loves me.

I love God! I’ll love God! This is the path I must walk.

God’s loveliness has been engraved in my heart.

I’ll love God and strive for Him.


The practical God really loves me; I really have nothing to say.

Eat and drink of God’s word; practice it at once without any delay.

Having understood the truth, I can’t remain unrepentant.

I’ll best fulfill my duty to satisfy God.

Satisfy God! Satisfy God! I’ll satisfy God.

It’s the obligation of us, God’s people, to be proactive in cooperating with Him.

Only by living out the reality can I win God’s pleasure.

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