357 God Loves People With a Bruised Heart

1. God incarnate undergoes all kinds of sneering, reviling, judgment, and condemnation. He is also pursued by the devil and is rejected and opposed by religious circles. No one can make up for this hurt in His heart! He saves corrupt mankind through extreme patience; He loves people with a bruised heart, loves people with a bruised heart. This is the most painful work.

2. Mankind’s ferocious resistance, condemnations and slanders, false accusations, persecutions and their hunting and slaughtering cause God’s flesh to face extreme dangers in doing this work. He suffers these pains, yet who can understand Him and who can comfort Him? Mankind only has a little bit of enthusiasm and complaints, or they treat Him with negativity and ignore Him. How can He not suffer because of these things? The pain His heart suffers is too great.

3. God’s heart has always suffered this pain due to being worried about mankind’s destination. This pain cannot be understood by anyone, nor can it be borne by anyone. Since the beginning, all that the work of the incarnate flesh has revealed is love, the substance of His work is love; He has offered His all, His everything to mankind.

from “God’s True Love for Mankind” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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