361 Persevering on the Path of Loving God


My love grows purer as I walk the rough path.

God’s word judges and refines me all the time.

God’s righteousness burns me like a consuming fire.

The painful refinement makes me finally know myself.

I’ve been deeply corrupted by Satan and lost the likeness of man.

God’s judgment and chastisement changes my disobedience.

Sufferings are of great benefit, allowing me to learn to obey.

I will be of one mind with God and give my all to God.


My love for God allows me no turning back.

To bear good witness to God is my wish.

I have seen that suffering is very beneficial to man.

Without paying a price, man can never be perfected by God.

Sluggards, cowards, and conservatives cannot bear witness to God.

To care for God’s heart I am willing to suffer more.

At this final crucial moment I must be even stronger.

I will be of one mind with God and give my all to God.


The salvation brought by God incarnate is very great.

God reveals His will to me, and this is really too great a blessing.

I wish to gain all God’s true love for man.

Severer judgment and refinement are more beneficial to me.

I can only know God under His wrathful judgment.

It’s God’s love for me to receive the final suffering.

Now is the time to repay God’s love. I will do all I can.

I will be of one mind with God and give my all to God.


Offering up my true love is my personality.

I will strive to meet what God asks of man.

With full confidence I’m striding toward the true human life.

Success is beckoning to me ahead.

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