37 The Mankind in the Beginning Were Living Men With Spirit

1. In the beginning, God created mankind, that is, He created mankind’s ancestor, Adam. He was tangible and formed, brimming with life, brimming with vitality, and furthermore, having God’s glory’s company. That was the glorious day when God created man. Following that, Eve was produced from the body of Adam, also the ancestor of man, and so the people of God’s creation were filled with His breath and brimming with His glory.

2. Adam was originally produced by God’s hand and was the representation of His image. Thus the original meaning of “Adam” was to be His creation imbued with His vitality, imbued with His glory, tangible and in good form, having spirit. He was the only creation endowed with a spirit that could represent Him, have His image and receive His breath. In the beginning Eve was the second person endowed with breath that He had determined to create, so the original meaning of “Eve” was to be a creation to continue His glory, filled with His vitality and furthermore be endowed with His glory.

3. Eve came out of Adam, so she was also of God’s image, for she was the second person created in His image. The original meaning of “Eve” was to be a living being, given a spirit, existing in flesh and bone, being His second testimony as well as His second image in mankind. They were mankind’s ancestors, ah…his pure and precious treasure, and originally living beings with a spirit.

from “What a Real Man Means” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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