38 No One Is Willing to Actively Understand God

1. Whenever God is upset, He faces a mankind that doesn’t pay any attention to Him at all, a mankind that follows Him and claims to love Him but completely neglects His feelings. How can God’s heart not hurt? In God’s management work, He sincerely carries out His work on and speaks to each person, and faces them without reservation or concealment, but conversely, every person who follows Him is closed off toward Him, and no one is willing to actively get closer to Him, understand His heart, or pay attention to His feelings. Even those who want to become God’s intimates don’t want to get close to Him, to be considerate toward His heart, or try to understand Him, or try to understand Him.

2. When God is joyful and happy, there is no one to share His happiness. When God is misunderstood by people, there is no one to comfort His wounded heart. When God’s heart is hurting, there is not a single person willing to listen to Him confide in them. Through these thousands of years of God’s management work, there is no one who understands God’s emotions, nor anyone who comprehends or appreciates them, let alone anyone who could stand alongside God to share in His joys and sorrows. God is lonely. He is lonely! God is lonely not just because corrupted mankind opposes Him, but more because those who pursue to be spiritual, those who seek to know God and understand Him, and even those who are willing to devote their entire lives to Him, also don’t know His thoughts and don’t understand His disposition and His emotions.

from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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