381 God’s Work Allows Us to Awaken

1. From the East shines forth a beam of light, lighting up the corrupt old world and renewing heaven and earth, renewing heaven and earth. God’s kingdom has formally descended in the world. The incarnated God Himself has reigned as King. All God’s people have been shaken awake by the firing of salutes. We open our spiritual eyes and watch carefully, seeing that heaven and earth are changed suddenly. God’s work is so wondrous and unfathomable. God’s work is so wondrous and unfathomable.

2. Seeing this scene, God’s people can’t help feeling indebted and sorrowful. We were perfunctory in our past service and have been fooling and deceiving God to this day. If it were not for God’s grace and mercy, who could have lived until today? O God! O God, You are really too lovely! Judged and enlightened by the great light, my true self is thoroughly exposed. I feel so ashamed that I wish to sink into the ground. According to my doings, I’m really unworthy to see God’s face again. In this God’s love and mercy have been revealed.

3. God saved me into His family. He speaks personally and feeds me with care, so I have known His grace. He uses wrath or judgment all for my sake. I only hate myself for being poor and blind. In trials I misunderstood God’s heart and complained against heaven and earth. It’s God’s word that has opened my eyes. I see that God is supreme, great, and above the heavens; His power and wisdom are beyond compare. He is indeed the practical God Himself clothed in the flesh.

4. I have witnessed what God says, what He does, and how He behaves. I’m fully convinced and personally see that God is venerable and lovely, God is venerable and lovely, worth trusting and missing. Knowing God, I’m willing even to die. I’ll touch God’s heart, know His will, and satisfy Him. All God’s people, we should have clear seeing: Knowing God, we do not live our life in vain. It’s right and proper to be faithful before God. God created me for me to manifest Him.

5. Knowing God, I utter praises from my heart. The practical God is so lovely but no one knows it. Just through God’s people made complete by Him, God will be satisfied and manifested. God’s people are proof of our God’s victory. We will be perfected to be overcomers to end Satan’s destiny. By then God’s holy name will have been proclaimed. All peoples will praise God for completing His work and fulfilling His plan. And God will be transfigured and appear before all peoples in the universe.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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