386 Finally I Can Love God


With a genuine and pure love, a kind and sincere heart, God has expended everything for man.

In the heart of loving Him, I feel that God is immeasurable.

I love Him and cling to Him, with trembling and fear; I’m comforted in His love.

God accompanies me through the tribulations; I don’t want to let Him leave my side.

Finally I can love God; staying with Him day and night, I understand His will.

God’s loveliness is more and more; I see His image in the flesh.

God is with me, and I’ve got so much from Him; there are often pleasant surprises for me.

God gives me all His love; His company makes the time so precious.


God’s love arouses me and stirs up my heart; since I believe in Him, I should even more be faithful to Him.

God guides me with His words, to transcend the restraint of the corrupt flesh.

I have so much disobedience; enlivened by God’s words, I know how to be faithful to Him.

To face justice calls for testimony; I give up everything to follow God.

Following God up to today, I have received the supply of the truth, and my path becomes brighter and brighter.

Knowing what God is and has, I feel His love is boundless and measureless.

God graces me with all I have today; I don’t know how to thank Him.

God guides me to live in the light, I should make more effort to pursue to love God.

I should make more effort to pursue to love God.

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