39 I Have Seen God’s Loveliness


I heard a familiar voice calling me from time to time.

Awakened as if from a dream, I tried to see who was speaking.

The voice was gentle but stern, the image so beautiful.

I suffered a lot from being smitten, yet was caressed by a loving hand.

Only then did I realize that I had wrestled with the Almighty.

With bitter hatred, I reflected upon my behavior.

Deeply corrupted, I was not like a man, as proved by the fact.

Made a new start to pursue human life and fulfill my duty as a man.

Stayed with God and competed with Him for position; my lowness was exposed.

God is God after all and man is still man; I really have no sense.

Man is too arrogant and foolish, without self-knowledge.

Shameless and embarrassed, I am so overwhelmed with regret.

Hate myself for having come into the world but not knowing how to live.

Trampled upon by the king of devils for many years, I’ve become so contemptible.

Poisoned and influenced by the evil one’s ideology, I’ve lost all humanity.

If not transformed and reborn, how could I live as a man?


Unless corrupt disposition is removed, my service will be in vain.

Full of notions and not knowing God, how could I not resist Him?

God judges me because I’m disobedient and unrighteous.

I’ve seen that chastisement and judgment is real love for me.

I’m convinced that God is so righteous, face to face with Him today.

Without God’s practical salvation, I would not be here today.

The practicalness and almightiness of God have been fully revealed to man.

Living in the light and knowing God, I’ve seen His loveliness.

I resolve to fulfill my duty to love and satisfy God.

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