39 We Have Been Saved by God


O almighty true God! Thank and praise You praise You!

It’s Your bountiful supply that has opened our spiritual eyes.

We open the door of our heart to cry to You,

And prostrate and bow down to worship You,

And words of indebtedness we cannot finish telling.


O almighty true God! In the country of the great red dragon You have selected us.

Your work is really wonderful and unfathomable,

Judging and chastising our corruptions.

Everyone has apprehended Your wrath and majesty,

And seen that Your righteousness and holiness, are all salvation to us.


O almighty true God! We can’t lift up our head before You,

Feeling unworthy to stand before You; we’re so obtuse,

Numb and blind that we don’t even know You!

So many times we don’t understand You,

But misunderstand Your will, having no face to live before You.


O almighty true God! When we come to Your presence,

Our heart breaks just as if a knife were wringing it,

And we hate ourselves all the more.

Seeing the extent of our being corrupted by Satan,

We’re willing to be chastised by You to shame the great red dragon.


O almighty true God! We’re before Your judgment seat all the time,

Ready to accept the judgment and chastisement of Your word,

And willing to obey the refining and purifying of Your word.

No matter where the true God puts us,

We will be absolutely faithful and obey to the end.

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