396 I Sit Silently Before God’s Word


I sit silently before God’s word. Looking at God’s word, I’m lost in a myriad of thoughts.

My past living out was too pitiable without reality.

God’s grace of salvation is great beyond counting; He has saved me at a heavy price.

Today I have no reality and feel ashamed to see God. Lonely and sorrowful in heart, I shed tears secretly.

Regretful, I’m really indebted to God.


I sit silently before God’s word, pondering the truth in it carefully.

Checking myself against God’s word, I realize I am too small.

God’s life is so beautiful that my heart admires it. I’m even more anxious about when I will be perfected.

How should I cooperate with God? What price should I pay?

I know the truths but fail to live them out; how can I deserve to live before God?


I sit silently before God’s word. Quiet before God, I meditate on His work.

God’s chastising and refining man contains so much love.

God created man for gaining man, but man is disobedient, only adding sufferings to God.

I didn’t satisfy God’s will but grieved His heart. How can I, conscienceless, deserve to be called a man?

My heart is guilty; the more I think, the more I feel sorrowful.


I sit silently before God’s word; by His word I examine myself.

Why has my disposition not been changed and I still live out the old likeness?

God holds my hand and guides me to walk, anxiously expecting me to grow up in life.

I will satisfy and fulfill God’s wish; I won’t disobey to grieve His heart anymore.

O God! O God! I’m willing to satisfy You.

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