40 God’s Heart Has Yet to Be Comforted


Fully tasting the bitterness of corruption, I loathe and abhor Satan even more.

Frustrations and failures taught me, I saw the truth about my corrupt self.

Came to know what is the meaningful life for man.

In experience of tribulation, suffering, and refinement,

I see God’s work of salvation is hard. A man with conscience and sense should obey God.

Ah … God has suffered so much, but has not yet gained man’s love.

Conscience reproaches me: If I don’t repay God’s love, I’m unworthy to be called a man.

Ah … I can’t stay fallen and spoil myself. How can I spend years in vanity?

I’ll never give up until I gain the truth and live out man’s likeness!


God’s work has ended, yet my disposition is not much changed.

Can I withstand the test of God? Can I gain His trust?

I always feel I fall far short. How can I live before God?

I’ll live for God to requite Him. His heart has yet to be comforted.

Ah … If I can satisfy God’s heart, I’ll be ardent in praising Him on earth.

If I really offend God, I’ll feel ashamed to be alive and see Him.

Ah … As a man I should strive not to fail God.

Facing justice, I must be loyal to God. Only with the truth can I be called a man.

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