403 The Righteous and Almighty Practical God


The heavens and the earth existed from eternity, empty and peaceful.

The dust was made into a living being; the Creator was Jehovah.

He nourished all the living things, and life filled the heaven and earth.

Man abandoned himself to depravity and did evil, too filthy and corrupt to behold.

Humble in the flesh with tolerance and forgiveness, God bore unrighteousness and willingly forsook His honor.

He lived through His hard life of thirty years, silent in Judea.

No one understood His kind intention, and He left quietly after suffering crucifixion.

He laid down His life and shed blood to redeem men, leaving His true affection in the world.


The lightning appears in the East, and the white cloud descends in the land of Sinim.

With His righteousness all over the universe, Almighty God has returned in the flesh.

He opens a new age, and brings the new work.

He utters His voice and speaks to save men, chastises and judges them step by step.

Disobedience and resistance clear before His eyes, His heart is full of grief, hatred, and indignation.

He sheds tears of blood with the greatest patience; who could comfort His broken heart!

God is full of anger but has mercy; how could He be at ease without gaining men’s love!

He labors all day long with anxious expectation, dedicating all His sincerity to the world.


Flowers bloom and fall, and spring comes and goes.

God’s innocent flesh suffers hardships; His broken heart cannot be healed.

He finds no resting place, lonesome with no close friend.

He works hard day and night and can hardly fall asleep, devoting His painstaking care like a loving mother.

He drifts about for His work, forgetting food and sleep; His true heart is repaid with insincerity and deception.

His merciful heart actually is hurt, and His earnest words are ridiculed and reviled.

He works in a humble and hidden way, and has perfected and gained a group of people.

Righteousness and almightiness are revealed in the flesh. He is the incarnated practical God.

He is the incarnated practical God.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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