404 I Will Love God to Eternity

O God! Your words have led me back to You.

I spend my days and nights in the kingdom exercise.

So many trials and refinements, so many tribulations.

So many times I’ve been sorrowful and shed tears, extremely grieved,

and so many times I’ve fallen into Satan’s trap.

But God, You have never left me.

You’ve led me through numerous difficulties and dangers,

and kept me through sufferings and tribulations.

Now I understand that You have loved me.

O God! You lead me to live a new life.

Enjoying Your words, I have understood Your will.

You judge and chastise me with Your word to cleanse my corruption.

Through the trials I have learned to obey You.

Growing up in God’s word, I have known God.

I’m willing to perform my duty properly to glorify and testify You.

O God! I will love You forever.

No matter whether I will receive good or evil,

I will submit to Your sovereignty and arrangement.

I will give You a true love, and let You wait no longer (wait no longer).

I will give You a pure love, and let You enjoy my love.

I will give You all my love, and let You gain my love.

I will love You to eternity; to satisfy You is my wish.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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