405 God’s Mercy Allows Me to Be Revived Again

1. After I offended God’s disposition, I fell into darkness. I had my fill of Satan’s affliction and was so miserable and helpless. The accusation and condemnation of conscience made me feel worse than death. Only then did I know how happy it is to have a peaceful conscience. So many chances to be perfected I have missed; I really have disappointed God’s kind intention for me. How could I undo the hurt I caused God, even if I would offer my all to Him? O God, Practical God, how I wish to turn over a new leaf! How I wish to turn over a new leaf and start all over again! I wish to start all over again.

2. My heart filled with extravagant demands, how could I be compatible with God? I greedily enjoyed the benefits of position; how could I not fall? I never cared for God’s will but always showed passive resistance to Him. While serving Him, I resisted and deceived Him. If it were not for God’s mercy, how could I be here today? According to my behavior, I deserved more than death. My breath of life is the result of God’s patience. O God, Practical God, I shouldn’t have let You suffer so much for me.

3. God’s words of life touch my heart. His exhortation and admonishment give me unfailing strength. So I’ve risen up again from failure and setback, knowing the value of life and for what I was created. Facing God’s last requirements, how could I evade them anymore? I’m willing to repay God’s price with my actual deeds. I’m willing to repay God’s price with my actual deeds. Whether I’ll receive good or evil, I only pursue to satisfy God. I’m willing to give my true heart to God; I’ll follow Him closely even if I will gain nothing. I’ll follow Him closely even if I will gain nothing.

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