41 Let God Manipulate in Everything

1. My destiny is in God’s hand, and it’s natural and right to let God manipulate in everything. My duty is to obey God’s arrangements obey God’s arrangements and be faithful to the end. I will drop my intents, and will have no choice about my future and no longer consider it.

2. Although there are many sufferings on the path to the kingdom, however great the trials are, I will not leave You. Strong or weak, it’s in Your hand. No matter where You put me, I will testify about You.

3. No matter whether God chastises or bestows grace, I’m willing to accept it. I’ve resolved that no matter what my outcome will be, I will obey God’s work unto death without complaints. Since I have followed God today, I’ll be faithful to the end and perform my duty properly to satisfy God’s heart’s desire satisfy, God’s heart’s desire.

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