415 God’s Love Has Aroused My Heart


Satan the king of devils has corrupted my humanity, so I have arrogant nature.

Satan’s ideology has corroded my heart, so I can’t love God though my heart desires to.

God’s word makes me understand the truth of human life,

so I’ve seen that I’m corrupt without any merit.

I don’t have conscience, sense and dignity at all.

Without God’s salvation, I would still be a dead man though alive.

God becomes flesh to be the Son of man.

He works among us with judgment, chastisement and refinement.

He judges and refines me, calling time after time,

to renew, transform and purify my satanic disposition.

So now I live with value and human likeness.


I was fortunate to be uplifted by God and perform my duty,

but I was disobedient, fooling and deceiving Him.

He disclosed and judged my satanic nature;

my mouth confessed but my heart still disobeyed.

God is sorrowful for man’s deep corruption,

but I was conscienceless and did not know to comfort His heart.

Experiencing His judgment and painful refining,

I have tasted that His salvation is so great and real.

He’s greatly patient, so I have the chance to repay His love.

I wake up too late, feeling indebted so much.

I will suffer all that I should suffer to fulfill my faithfulness.

And I will be an honest person without craftiness.

And I will be an honest person without craftiness.

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