44 Those Who Treasure God’s Words Will Be Blessed by God

1. Those who are willing to accept God’s observation are those who pursue an understanding of Him, who are willing to accept His words. They are the ones who will receive God’s inheritance and blessings, and they are the most blessed. God curses those with no place for Him in their hearts. He chastises and abandons such people.

2. God works in those who pursue and treasure His words. The more you treasure God’s words, the more His Spirit will work in you. The more a person treasures God’s words, the greater his chance of being perfected by God. God perfects those who truly love Him. He perfects those whose hearts are at peace before Him.

3. If you treasure all of God’s work, if you treasure God’s enlightenment, if you treasure God’s presence, if you treasure God’s care and protection, if you treasure how God’s words become the reality of your life and provision for your life, you are most after God’s heart, most after God’s heart.

4. If you treasure God’s work, if you treasure all the work that He has done upon you, He will bless you and cause all that is yours to multiply. You should strive to make God’s words your reality, satisfy Him and be after His own heart, be after His own heart, and you should not merely strive to enjoy His grace, enjoy His grace. Nothing is more important for believers than to receive God’s work, gain perfection, and become ones who do God’s will, become ones who do God’s will.

from “God Perfects Those After His Own Heart” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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