45 None Can Escape the Day of Wrath

1. God has worked and spoken in this way among you, He has expended so much energy and effort, yet when have you ever listened to what God tells you plainly? Where have you bowed down to the Almighty? Why do you treat God like this? Why are your hearts so hard? Why does everything you say and do provoke His anger? Why do you do nothing but make Him sorrowful and anxious? Where is your integrity? Your humanity has become beastliness!

2. Do you not know that all your evil words and utterances have already reached God’s ears? Do you not know that your disobedience has already provoked God’s vehement anger? Do you not know that you have long since left God seething, and have long since tried His patience? Do you not know that you have already damaged God’s flesh to rags? God has endured until now, such that God release His anger, tolerant toward you no longer. Do you not know that your evil doings have already reached His eyes?

3. Have you not enjoyed so much of God? Do you not know that you enjoy so much more than God’s bounteous words? Do you not know that God’s life was exchanged for your life and the things you enjoy? Do you not know that My Father used My life to do battle with Satan, and that He also bestowed My life upon you, causing you to receive a hundredfold, and allowing you to avoid so many temptations?

4. God’s life is provided for the enjoyment of the holy ones. How could He allow you to play with His life however you wish, and use it as a tool for conflict among yourselves? How could you be so heartless and unkind toward Him? How could you escape the day of wrath when He chastise Egypt? How could He be opposed and defied in this way by you, time and time again? His endurance was prepared for your evil doings.

5. Who could be spared on God’s day of wrath, when you treat God like this today? Whose unrighteousness could escape His eyes of chastisement? Whose sins could elude the hands of God? How could He forgive those who rebel against His words? How could He spare those who are cruel and inhumane toward Him? How could you believe yourself clever enough to deceive Him in this way? Is the destiny of man not in the hands of the Almighty?

from “None Who Are of the Flesh Can Escape the Day of Wrath” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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