47 God’s Only Exhortation to Man Is to Stand Testimony

1. That is why God keeps worrying for you: Left to live life on his own, will man really end up better off than or comparable to how he is today? Are you not anxious over your infantile stature? What you are displaying is not the mischievousness of children out of their parents’ sight, but the beastliness that erupts in animals out of reach of their masters’ whips. You should know your nature.

2. Thus God’s only exhortation to you today is to stand testimony for Him. Do not under any circumstance let the old ailment flare up again. The most important thing is to give testimony. That is the heart of His work. You should accept His words just as Mary accepted Jehovah’s revelation that came to her in a dream, believing and then obeying. Only this qualifies as being chaste.

3. For you are the ones who hear God’s words the most, the ones most blessed by Him. He is giving you all His valuable possessions, bestowing absolutely everything on you. Your status and that of the people of Israel, however, are so different, so completely worlds apart. Yet compared to them, you are receiving so much more. While they wait desperately for God’s appearance, you spend pleasant days with Him, sharing of His riches.

4. By comparison, what gives you the right to squawk and squabble with God and demand portions of His possessions? Are you not receiving enough? I give you so much, but what you give Him in return is heart-rending sadness and anxiety and irrepressible resentment and discontent. You are too repugnant, yet you also arouse pity. Therefore I have no choice but to swallow all His resentment and protest to you again and again.

from “When It Comes to God, What Is Your Understanding” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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