51 Where Is the Manifestation of Your Being Faithful to God

1. You have followed God these many years, yet have never given Him an iota of loyalty. Rather, you have revolved around the people you love and the things that please you, so much so that they are kept close to your hearts and never forsaken, anytime, anywhere.

2. When you are happily spending time with your family, you have never once been loyal to God? At times like this, does it not pain you? When your hearts are filled with joy receiving payment for your labors, do you not feel disheartened that you have not furnished yourselves with sufficient truth?

3. When have you wept for not having received God’s approval? You rack your brains and take great pains for your sons and daughters, yet still you are not satisfied. But to God, you have always been remiss and careless, keeping Him only in your memories and not enduring in your hearts.

4. God’s devotion and efforts forever go unfelt by you, and you have never tried to understand. You merely engage in brief reflection and believe that it will suffice. This manner of “loyalty” is not that which God has long yearned for, but that which has long been an abomination to Him.

from “To Whom Are You Loyal?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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