52 Gathering Joyfully Together Praising God

1. Ah … hey! Brothers and sisters gather together feeling so joyful, beating drums and gongs and singing and dancing, to praise our Practical God for having gained glory. God’s heart is glad, and brothers and sisters are happy. God’s work has been crowned with success. To obey God’s arrangements is our duty. We should not only testify well, but even more praise to the climax. This is God’s desire, and we’re duty-bound.

2. Ah … hey! Praise God aloud and we have strength. The more we sing and dance, the more we have enjoyment. He who stands up to praise is a lover of God. Stand up quickly and testify about God and praise God. We have all been corrupted by Satan; God has saved us and we’re truly blessed and greatly graced. Praise! Shout for joy! God’s disposition is too lovely. To testify about God’s work is our duty.

3. Ah … hey! God’s intention in working has been revealed. To worship God is our duty. All created beings come to praise God and testify how great is God’s grace of salvation to mankind. We’re all convinced in heart and in mouth to worship God, obeying God forever. Created beings shout for joy together and offer up a true heart to praise God, praising Almighty God for having gained glory on earth.

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