52 God Is Secretly Watching Man Words and Deeds

1. When God’s day comes, man is no longer able to discover His abundance or find the bitter truth God gave him long ago. He will wail and cry for the loss of light accompanied by a fall into darkness. What you see today is merely the sword of His mouth. You have not seen the rod in His hand or the flame with which He burn man, and that is why you are still haughty and intemperate in His presence. That is why you still fight with Him in His home, disputing that which He has told you. Man does not fear God. Being at enmity with Him until today.

2. You have the tongue and the teeth of the unrighteous in your mouth. Your words and deeds are like those of the serpent which enticed Eve into sinning. You demand from each other an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and you contend for your position, fame, and profit in God’s presence, yet you do not know that God is secretly watching your words and deeds. Before you even come into His presence, God has known your mind through and through. Man always wishes to escape from His hand and avoid the observation of His eyes, but God has never avoided man’s words or deeds. Instead, God purposefully allows them to reach His eyes so that He may chastise his unrighteousness and judge his rebellion. Thus, man’s hidden words and deeds are always placed before His judgment seat, and it has never left man, because his rebellion is too much. God’s work is to burn and purify all the words and deeds of man that were uttered and done in the presence of God’s Spirit. That way, after He leaves the earth, men will still be able to maintain loyalty to Him, will still serve Him as His holy servants do in His work, and allow His work on earth to continue until the day it is complete.

from “The Work of Spreading the Gospel Is Also the Work of Saving Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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