55 Our Life Is Joyous Without End


Brothers and sisters feel especially close when meeting, with a joyful heart beyond expression.

Words from the heart we cannot finish speaking, casting sighs and sorrows to the winds.

You sing new songs of loving God, and I offer new dances of loving God.

God’s people gather together, singing and talking joyfully, joyous, joyous without end.


Brothers and sisters gather together, feeling so glad with eyes smiling.

We sing a new song, and dance a new dance, casting tiredness and forgetting everything.

Everyone is glowing with radiance, innocent, lively, released, and free,

Dancing joyfully to praise God; we have returned before God’s throne.


If you can sing, sing heartily; if you can dance, dance heartily.

Just praise God heartily, without formulas or regulations,

And without any restraint; everything is released and free.

The past old life is gone for ever, gone for ever.


Today when we come to the church, we just praise God, testify about God,

Exalt God, and enjoy God, not by emotions or with restraint.

We compete with each other with no one stepping aside, free and unrestrained,

Fresh, lively, and not dead; everything is released and free.


Brothers and sisters, let me ask, is the kingdom life good?

Is it joyous to be God’s people in God’s family, praising God and enjoying God?

Such a life is really good! We feel assured and have enjoyment in heart;

Living in God’s care and keeping, and enjoying God’s love we are happy and joyous.


Brothers and sisters, rise up quickly, and fulfill our duty,

Exalting God and testifying about God, for God to gain all glory.

Brothers and sisters sing joyfully together; the praising voice is so loud and clear.

The singing is resounding far and near; the praising voice never ceases.

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