59 For Whom Man Should Live


For whom man should live, now I’ve come to realize it.

I used to live for myself, totally for the sake of fame and status.

I said every fine word in prayer while going my own way in reality.

For prospects and fate I believed in God, possessed of no truth or reality.

Living in religious rituals, I was left with nothing but emptiness.

I failed to live out human likeness, unworthy of receiving God’s love.


My heart has been aroused: I should repay God’s love.

I hate myself for lack of conscience, rebelling against God and breaking His heart.

I’ve never cared for God’s will or paid attention to His words.

How can one deserve the name of man without conscience or sense?

Experiencing God’s judgment made me see that I was so deeply corrupted by Satan.

The evil world is full of temptations; I will choose the truth since I believe in God.

O God, You love me so much and do all You can to save me.

How can I forget all that You have spent for me?

I will care for God’s desires and resolve to pursue the truth.

I will spend for God, devoting myself so as to repay His love,

devoting myself so as to repay His love.

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