61 The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare

1. Once again, God’s day is pressing close upon the human race, once again arousing the human race, giving humanity a point from which to make a new beginning. God’s heart beats and, following the rhythms of His heartbeat, the mountains leap for joy, the waters dance with joy, and the waves, keeping time, beat upon the rocky reefs. The waters dance with joy, and the waves, keeping time, beat upon the rocky reefs. It is difficult to express what is in God’s heart.

2. God wants all unclean things to burn up into ashes under His gaze, God wants all the sons of disobedience to disappear from before His eyes, never more to linger on in existence. Not only has God made a new beginning in the dwelling place of the great red dragon, He has also embarked on new work in the universe. The kingdoms of the earth will become God’s kingdom, become God’s kingdom; the kingdoms of the earth will forever cease to exist because of God’s kingdom, because God has already achieved victory, because God has returned triumphant, God has already achieved victory and returned triumphant.

3. The prospect of the kingdom is beautiful, the King of the kingdom is the victor, from head to toe there is not a trace of flesh and blood, all of Him is sacred. His whole body glows with sacred glory, utterly untainted by human ideas, His entire body, from top to bottom, brims with righteousness and the aura of heaven, and exudes a captivating fragrance. Like the beloved in Song of Songs, He is yet more beautiful than all the saints, higher than the ancient saints, He is the exemplar among all people, and incomparable to man; people are not fit to look upon Him directly. No one can attain God’s glorious countenance, God’s appearance, or God’s image.

from “Interpretation of the Twelfth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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