62 All God’s People Are Praising God Heartily

1. All God’s people, come and praise the almighty true God heartily; drop emotions to dance actively, initiatively, and heartily. And God’s heart will be satisfied. All in heaven and on earth shout for joy together, all nations and all peoples leap together, praising God’s righteousness.

2. If you can sing, sing heartily, singing to be sweet in heart. If you can dance, dance heartily, dancing to beam with joy. And God’s heart will be glad. Love God truly and God will surely bless you. Let’s see how you will testify for God now.

3. The incarnated practical God has saved us. All God’s people come before God shouting and leaping for joy, praising God. Because God’s grace comes to us, we have received this greatest blessing. We shout and leap for joy unceasingly. The singing of praising God is resounding far and near.

4. All Your people cannot forget Your great grace, Practical God. Little did I dream of seeing the true God’s face. I’m really overjoyed. Let us testify about God with all our heart and soul, for God to be satisfied, for God to be satisfied.

5. The great disasters have been poured down, revealing God’s righteousness. The gooddoers and the evildoers will eventually be repaid. Some will weep, and some will laugh happily. The God-lovers will be rewarded, and the evildoers punished. God’s time has come.

6. The whole universe is shouting for joy, praising the almighty true God. Mountains, rivers, and all things are surrounding and standing in good order, giving glory to God. All and everything have been changed and become submissive before God. God has gained glory!

Refrain: Praise, praise, praise greatly. Let’s see who’s twisting most vigorously. We are so relaxed in spirit!

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