63 All God’s People’s Hearts Are Bursting With Joy

1. Sing! Sing! Sing new songs, singing to be pleased in heart. All God’s people’s life is so happy, and this is our God’s great grace. Don’t forget the practical God. Let’s testify about and exalt the practical God.

2. Hey! Hey! All God’s people are so blessed to step onto this path. Having experienced God’s chastisement and judgment, we are transformed in life disposition. My life is so bright. Thank and praise the incarnated God.

3. Hey! Hey! Brothers and sisters, today God comes to save us. As long as you can truly obey, you can see God’s deeds. If you truly see God’s love, you will utter praises from your heart.

4. Quick! Quick! Catch up. Follow God’s footsteps closely and don’t lag behind. The Holy Spirit’s work waits for no one. If you hanker after fleshly enjoyments, you are doomed to be eliminated. What an eternal regret this will be!

5. Quick! Quick! Go forward. The Holy Spirit’s work is advancing rapidly. God wants to perfect a group of people, to be God’s witnesses, and to be the crystallization of God’s management work. How can we miss such an opportunity!

6. Behold, God has overcome! The great red dragon has collapsed thoroughly. God’s work has been crowned with success. We sing praises to Almighty God’s being too wonderful. God’s day we’ve been expecting has come. All God’s people’s hearts are bursting with joy.

7. Behold, God is so wonderful! How many are God’s creations! All are the crystallization of God’s wisdom. All God’s people come to praise God, praising God with all kinds of musical instruments. Everything that has breath comes to praise God.

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