63 How hard God’s work on earth is

1. How hard God’s work on earth is! The steps of God’s work on earth involve great hardship: Man’s weakness, deficiencies, childishness, ignorance, and everything of man—each is meticulously planned and scrupulously considered by God. His words are sincere and honest, yet who is willing to accept them? It breaks God’s heart.

2. He toils day and night for man, He is beset by anxiety for man’s life, and He sympathizes with man’s weakness. He has endured many twists and turns in each step of His work, for every word that He speaks; He is ever between a rock and a hard place, and thinks around the clock. Who has ever known this? Who can He confide in? Who would be able to understand? Ever does He loathe the sins of man, and the lack of backbone of man, and ever does He worry for the vulnerability of man.

3. He always contemplate the path that lies ahead of man; always, as He observes the words and deeds of man, does it fill Him with mercy, and always does the sight of these things bring pain to His heart. The innocent, after all, have grown callous; why must God always make things difficult for them? Feeble man is utterly bereft of perseverance; why should God always have such unabating anger toward him?

4. Weak and powerless man no longer has the slightest vitality; why should God always chide him for his disobedience? In desperate straits, God has pushed His anger deep into His heart, so that man may slowly reflect upon himself. Yet man, who is in grave trouble, has not the slightest appreciation of God’s will; he has been trampled underfoot by the old king of devils, yet is completely unaware, he always sets himself against God, God has spoken so many words, yet who has ever taken them seriously?

from “Work and Entry (8)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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