66 Let’s See Who Is Willing to Coordinate


Doing a twist I become alive; singing a song my heart feels happy.

If you are willing to coordinate, dance the new dances quickly.

Brothers and sisters, dance, don’t care how others look at us,

Just praise God in simplicity, and God’s smiling face will meet us.


Once a new song is sung my spirit becomes joyful, and to its rhythm I start dancing.

You see how sprightly the rhythm is, and the dance in my heart is flying out.

The loud songs are resounding far and near; accompanied by new dances we are praising God.

Five Continents and Four Seas are shouting for joy; the praising singing rends the skies.


We sing praising songs aloud; the true God has gained glory here.

My heart can love God and I’m so glad; having enjoyment in heart I feel so sweet.

O dear God I cannot forget, that You have given us so much.

With praising we express our heart; the praising life is so wonderful.


Billows in the sea leap up, one wave being higher than another.

The praising life I cannot do without; the more I praise the more my faith increases.

Praise, praise, shout and leap for joy; the Almighty is worthy of honor and glory.

All God’s people’s hearts are seething with excitement; come quickly to praise God heartily.


Brothers and sisters, shout for joy together;

Exalt, praise, and testify about God, for God’s heart’s desire to be satisfied.

Exalt, praise, and testify about God, for God’s heart’s desire to be satisfied.

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