73 God Working till Today, Why Can’t You Understand?


The true God works on earth, appearing in the flesh for people to know,

In order to gain their heart, and in order to gain their love.

Yet people do not know this, and stubbornly seek to see signs.

Ah! Why can’t people understand God’s will?

For whom does He come in the wind and go in the rain?

God working till today, why can’t people understand?

God has given people so much love, but they do not appreciate it.


You believe in the practical God with your mouth, but still pursue the vague god,

Imagining the fulfillment of God’s word, and expecting to see a lofty God,

Yet you receive the refining of God’s word, and the one you see is a small person.

Ah! All your past pursuit is in vain.

God speaks and God works in various ways.

God working till today, why can’t you understand?

Not knowing God’s work, how can you be perfected?


At first you pursued willingly, having expended the painstaking care and the price.

Although you pursued to be perfected by God, you imagined too naively.

Unexpectedly God’s working today fails to satisfy your heart.

Ah! He refines your faith in all kinds of ways.

You feel regret and you feel remorse, and you want to leave.

God working till today, why can’t you understand?

Have God’s words been in vain? How could God have rest?


You always make requirements of God by notions, not having any obedience or love.

God’s work is too practical; how could it fit man’s imaginations?

You should not hold fast to your notions, or make excessive requirements.

Ah! He silently endures man’s oppression,

Being mocked and ridiculed, and being cruelly treated.

God working till today, why can’t you understand?

Is God wrong in not satisfying man’s desire?


Why has your love for God changed? Not as simple and open as before.

Didn’t you say you’d love God to the end, and never part with Him?

Didn’t you say you’d share hardships with Him, and taste sweets with Him?

Ah! You should not forget God’s love;

God’s heart and God’s will you should apprehend.

God working till today, why can’t you understand?

You should not should not be ungrateful, but should care for God’s heart.


Since you want to love, love truly; why do you want to give up halfway?

Loving half sincerely you’re cheating yourself, idling away your months and years.

God has spoken so many words, speaking thousands of words all for your sake.

Ah! Could you bear to grieve God?

You said you’d love God and be attached to God, but why cheat God?

God working till today, why can’t you understand?

Pursue to have your life transformed sooner, so as to comfort God’s heart.

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