73 My Heart Is Joyful All Day Long


My heart loves God, joyful all day long.

Without sorrow, I’m happy like an angel.

I always keep my heart quiet before God, seeking His will all the time.

I dare not stay far from God, but ponder over His words all day long,

so that I live in today’s light of God’s word.

My spirit is joyful and my heart is happy, I’m satisfied to the full!

God’s word is the spring of my life.

I’ve seen in God’s word the brightness of human life.

I’m so happy to live in God’s word.

La … la … la … hey! La … la … la …


My heart has belonged to God, I enjoy God’s love.

I’m happy beyond words, like an angel living on earth.

I have a pure and sincere heart, living before God.

Without encumbrance or restraint, the life of God’s love has brought me into another realm.

I live in the world of God’s word, face to face with the true God every day.

Living in the light, without barrier, I enjoy God’s love.

My heart misses God every day, and loves God every day.

It’s so pleasant to live in the free realm, my heart is joyful all day long.

It’s so pleasant to live in the free realm, my heart is joyful all day long.

La … la … la … hey! La … la … la …

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