81 Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work

1. God’s work changes so fast, unfathomable and convincing to man. The scenes today are different from before, which are beautiful and new. All and every one are revived, are renewed and are holy. They praise God full of joy, their voice rending the third heaven. Praise! Cheer! Sing! All the people praise God heartily.

2. Praise God’s wonderful deeds, praise His infinite wisdom, praise His righteous disposition, and praise Him as a faithful God. God’s practical work has transformed my disobedient disposition. I have the honor to accept God’s commission and testify God’s deeds. Praise! Cheer! Sing! Give true praise from our hearts.

3. All the lovers of God obey God, and live out the reality of God’s word. All people have cast off filth and corruption and become holy. They glorify and testify God’s holy name, and satisfy God’s heart’s desire. The earth is full of holiness and righteousness, presenting a beautiful new scene. Praise! Cheer together! Give true praise from our hearts.

4. Praise the accomplishment of God’s work. God has gained full glory. All and every one are obedient, and each has his destination. From now on people of God, holy all the more, praise the true God. They are immersed in happiness, immersed in happiness with God. Praise! Cheer together! Sing! Our praise is unceasing.

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