81 You Must Understand God’s Will

1. What you have inherited this day surpasses that of all former apostles and prophets and is greater even than that of Moses and Peter. Blessings cannot be received in a day or two; they must be earned through much sacrifice, must have refined love, great faith, and the many truths that God asks you to attain; in addition, you must be able to set your face toward justice and never be cowed or submit.

2. You must have a constant and unabating love for God. Resolution is demanded of you, as is change in your life disposition; your corruption must be remedied, and you must accept all the orchestration of God without complaint, and even be obedient until death. As He bestows upon you, so too must He ask of you in return and make of you fitting demands.

3. From this can be seen why God time and again does the work of high standards and strict requirements. This is why you ought to be filled with faith in God. In short, all the work of God is done for your sake, so that you will be worthy to receive His inheritance. This is not so much for the sake of God’s own glory but for the sake of your salvation.

4. For perfecting this group of people deeply afflicted in the unclean land, God has already endured all suffering that man has never endured, and long ago suffered more humiliation in man’s stead. What could be more important than the will of God? What could be above God’s love? What else can you not let go of?

5. It is already a task doubly arduous for God to carry out His work in this unclean land. If man knowingly and willfully transgresses, the work of God will have to be prolonged. God is not bound by time; His work and His glory come first. However long it takes, He will not spare any sacrifice if it is His work. This is the disposition of God: He will not rest until His work is achieved. He will not rest until His work is achieved.

from “Is the Work of God So Simple as Man Imagines?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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