83 Myriad Feelings With Joy and Sorrow

1. God’s word is guiding me, and a new life has started. We cannot delay anymore. Thinking back to the words God You said, I doubly feel in my heart especially close especially close. Ah … I cannot always meet You, but can always miss You. O God O God, I miss You. Your countenance I’ve not seen enough not seen enough. Oh….

2. Practical God, we love You. We cannot forget the words You said, having myriad feelings with joy and sorrow. To You I pour out my heart, and my longing heart really cannot turn back. Ah … I cannot always accompany You, but can always miss You. O God O God, I miss You. Your words I’ve not heard enough not heard enough. Oh….

3. God did the work and we experienced it. Our life with God was enjoyable beyond compare, and His lovely aspects I often think back to. Though smitten and disciplined by Your word, I have been kept by You till today. How can I forget Your grace of salvation? Ah … You enjoy rest in heaven and leave grace on earth. O God O God, I miss You. The intimate words I’ve not said enough not said enough. Oh….

4. God returns to Zion and we are on earth. Years of gathering I often recall. The kind words are unforgettable, and the righteous disposition remains in my heart, encouraging us to go forward forever. Ah … I cannot utter complaints, but swear to offer up my faithfulness. O God O God, I miss You. My wish You know. I really cannot leave You.

5. When I stayed with You at that time, I did so many things of indebtedness. Thinking of this, I’m heartbroken with regret, and tears of remorse splash down on my chest, but my trespasses cannot be made up for. O God! I cannot disobey You anymore. Ah … O God! May You trust us. We will obey Your word. No matter when my heart will not change. In trials I will believe in You. However great are the storms I will rely on You.

6. Practical God, we praise You. You have fully gained glory, and we are enjoying a wonderful new life. All peoples on earth are shouting for joy, leaping unceasingly and praising endlessly. To be faithful for God I am willing. Ah … O God! May You come and look at the wish of all Your people. We have resolved to follow to the end. Our life we will fully offer up fully offer up, and we will be faithful to You forever, be faithful to You forever.

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