83 People Are Approved by God Because of Their Faith

1. When Moses struck the rock, and the water Jehovah had bestowed sprang forth, it was because of his faith. When David played music in praise of Jehovah—with his heart filled with joy—it was because of his faith. When Job lost his livestock all over the mountains, lost priceless family possessions, and suffered from the torment of illness, yet he did not utter complaint, it was because of his faith. When he could hear the voice of Jehovah, and see the glory of Him, it was because of his faith.

2. That Peter could follow Jesus Christ, he could be nailed to the cross for God and give glorious testimony, it was by his faith. When John saw the glorious image of the Son of man, when he saw the vision of the last days, it was all the more by his faith. When the so-called people of the Gentile nation receive God’s revelation, finding out that He has returned in the flesh doing His work among man, it is also because of their faith. All those who are smitten by God’s severe word and thus consoled and saved have not done so because of their faith.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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