86 I Will Rise Up Again


Knowing God’s righteous disposition forms the basis for my loving God.

Whether to receive blessings or suffer adversities is predestined by God.

Judgments, chastisements, and trials come to purify my love.

It’s normal for one to fail, so don’t be alarmed at it.

The words are stern like a sharp two-edged sword but God’s heart is always good.

Good medicine tastes bitter but benefits me greatly; how can I refuse it?

Through judgment and chastisement God’s love is so real!

The way of salvation is wonderful and unfathomable; I am fully convinced.


He who is arrogant and self-conceited is doomed to fall.

Resisting God while serving Him, I deserve to be judged.

To be judged and chastised, however painful, is my deserts.

Being certain that God is righteous, I shouldn’t have complaints.

It’s really God’s uplifting that He judges and chastises me.

I’m so arrogant and self-conceited as to lose my sense.

Having no truth one has only Satan’s pitiable image.

Thanks to God’s timely salvation, I’m what I am today.


Peter’s spirit true and real is the fundamental of conducting oneself.

It is so meaningful for one to love God, and I will do my utmost to pursue it.

He who has a strong desire for blessings and wrong intents will surely fall.

Humbling myself willingly and no longer being the head, I have enjoyment in heart.

To submit to God’s orchestration without caring about adversity or blessing—this is man’s duty.

The path of loving God I’ve made sure is right and proper.

No matter how God treats me I am certain that God is righteous.

God’s grace of salvation I will never forget.


Chastisement and judgment like tortures make my love for God even stronger.

To know God is my wish and I will no longer seek anything else.

I do service for God and will be satisfied if my heart can love Him.

Peter’s hundreds of trials are the sufferings that I should undergo.

To pay my debt and satisfy God’s heart a bit, my wish I will fulfill.

I only seek to love God and no longer seek blessings and my heart feels even more assured.

God’s grace of salvation to me I cannot fail to repay.

God gives me life and I dedicate myself only for carrying out His will.


God’s loving hand works on me and I will rise up again.

I have no face to see God but I have stood up and will strive harder.

I have seen the true human life and I will desperately run forward.

However severe the trial and however fierce the war I will bear a resounding testimony.

It doesn’t matter whether to receive blessings or suffer adversities; God’s glory is first.

If I can live out Peter and love God to the uttermost, I will die content.

I have no choice about God’s work; satisfying God is crucial.

When God’s will is carried out and God gains glory, my heart will be joyful.

When God’s will is carried out and God gains glory, my heart will be joyful.

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