87 May the Love Between Us and God Last Forever


So many past events flowing by, come up in my mind scene after scene.

I only hate myself for failing to satisfy God, and always making God worry about me.

Looking at myself, I find my whole being and my thinking and doing all disobey God,

I dine, dress, reside, travel, and think only for the sake of my flesh,

In my every act, move, and wink I have my own intents and purposes.

Today I’ve just seen my true self clearly: I resist God by nature.


God created man for gaining man, to manifest God.

Yet what man lives out is only Satan; how can this not grieve God?

We are so corrupt, but God is still saving us,

And waiting for us to be transformed; we’re really numb, obtuse, and hardened in heart.

God has undergone all kinds of sufferings to pour out His life to us;

Our hearts are gradually melted by God’s genuine love.


God is incarnated for saving us, setting an exemplar in every aspect.

All that God does is for our sake; we cannot fail God.

God’s chastisement contains so much of God’s love;

In love is God’s wrath, and in wrath is righteousness.

God has revealed all His disposition to the end-time people,

So we have received the extremely great salvation; we should all the more love God truly.


Let’s quickly return to God our love; God is going back to His dwelling place.

We don’t know when we will meet Him again after this parting.

I expect God to leave and expect God to return, with myriad feelings in my heart.

The affection is lingering without cease; let love be conveyed between heaven and earth.

In heaven above and on earth below God and men are closely linked together.

O God O God! The love between us will last forever.

O God O God! The love between us will last forever.

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