91 Repay God With Love


Reflecting upon the past, I feel so indebted, and my heart is extremely remorseful.

God’s grace is so great, but I repay nothing, and I have no face to see God.

Forget the past and start again, and offer up my whole being.

This is my only wish.


The approaching of darkness and the arriving of God’s day are ruled and arranged by God.

How can I withdraw, how can I escape, and what am I created for?

It’s natural and right that I dedicate myself and sacrifice my life for God.

By this I comfort God’s heart.


My heart feels relieved and infinitely satisfied for the honor to repay God.

With the last suffering, I end my flesh to satisfy God’s heart.

God gives me the bitter cup; how can I not drink it?

I should fight bravely on the battlefield. Dawn is about to break.


I will drop the future, disregard gain or loss, and only seek to satisfy God.

It’s not a pity or unusual to die, and God’s will is above all things.

God has granted me countless grace, but I cannot repay one ten thousandth of it.

How can I feel peaceful in my heart!


Now I will shame Satan with death. The work will have been done.

With this as a token of my heart, I repay God’s love and I praise God in my heart.

God saves me and then hands me to Satan. There is His good purpose in it.

My heart will love my God forever.

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