92 The Practical God Saves Men in Obscurity

1. God is incarnated this time to do His unfinished work, judge and end this age, save men from the sea of misery, thoroughly conquer them, and transform their life disposition. For mankind to break free from the afflicting and pitch-dark force and for the work on mankind, God has spent so many sleepless nights. He comes to the lowest place from the highest, and lives in hell on earth. Ah! He spends days with men. He never complains about the misery of the world nor is demanding of men, but endures great humiliation in doing His work. For the sake of the whole of mankind can find rest sooner, He has endured humiliation and suffered injustice to come to earth, and personally entered into the tiger’s den to save man.

2. So many times He has faced the stars, so many times He has departed at dawn and returned at dusk. Enduring great agony and attacks and “breaking” of man, God has come to this filthy land, instead quietly accepts the ravages and oppression of man. He has never made excessive demands of man, He does all the work required by man: teaching, enlightening, reproaching, the refinement of words, reminding, exhorting, consoling, judging, and revealing man. Each of His steps has been for the life of man and for purifying men Though He has removed the prospects and fate of man, each step carried out by God has been for man. Each step has been for the sake of man’s survival, for all mankind to have a pleasant destination on earth.

from “Work and Entry (9)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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