93 The Prayers of God’s People


God’s people are taken before His throne, with so many prayers in their hearts.

God blesses all those who have returned to Him, and they all live in the light.

May the Holy Spirit enlighten us with God’s word, to fully understand His will.

May all people treasure God’s word, and come pursue the knowledge of God.

May God give grace to us and have our life disposition transformed.

May God make more people perfect, so they can be of one heart and mind with Him.

May God discipline us more, so we can perform our duties faithfully.

May the Holy Spirit guide us every day, to preach the gospel and bear witness to God.


May all people be able to distinguish good from evil and put the truth into practice.

May God punish the evil-doers, so the church life will be free from disturbance.

May all people offer their true love to the lovely God.

May God remove all obstacles, so we can expend our whole being for Him.

May God keep our heart, so we will love God forever and never depart from Him.

May all those preordained and chosen by God return before Him.

May all God’s people utter praise and sing to God for He has gained glory.

May God be always with His people and keep us living in His love.

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