94 O God How Should I Requite You


When counting God’s grace, I shed floods of tears;

Before opening my mouth, I choke with sobs.

When I’m faint with hunger, You bring delicacies to nourish me.

O God! O God! O God! O God!

When I’m trembling with cold, You give Your warmth to me.


When I’m sorrowful and dispirited,

With Your hand You wipe tears from my cheeks tears from my cheeks.

When I’m slandered and rejected, it’s You who console me.

O God! O God! O God! O God!

When I’m poor and miserable, You bestow mercy to console me.


When I’m lonely and hesitant,

With kind words You comfort me.

When I’m eaten up with diseases, You make panaceas for me.

O God! O God! O God! O God!

When I’m self-important and arrogant, Your rod never departs from me.


When I endure humiliations and swallow injustices,

You are an exemplar for me to imitate for me to imitate.

When I’m in despair and darkness, Your glorious countenance is shining upon me.

O God! O God! O God! O God!

When I’m at the end of the road, You bestow a new hope to me.


When I’m being swallowed up by the sea,

In the lifeboat You wave Your hand.

When I’m besieged by Satan, You use the sharp sword to rescue me.

O God! O God! O God! O God!

When I overcome with You, how can You not beam with smiles!


Thousands of words I bear in my heart.

I’m longing to see You, my heart going with You.

God’s grace is as weighty as mountains,

and cannot be bought or repaid with life.

O God! O God! O God! O God!

Your grace is as countless as waters,

and cannot be fathomed or described with words.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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