96 God’s Love

Ah … ah … ah … ah ...


In this world, there is a vast sea of people.

Who knows that God is again incarnated to be a man?

No one pays heed to Him, no one shows concern for Him.

He is alone and lonesome; how desolate!

How desolate, how sorrowful!

O God! O God! For whom are You doing this?

Why do we always grieve Your heart?

Why does mankind always resist You?

Why does the world always slander You?

O God! O God! I’m willing to love You; although I fail to satisfy You,

I will never leave You under any circumstances.


In this world, there is a vast sea of people;

we are like a sand grain in the sands.

In this world no one pays heed to us; in this world we have no way out,

drifting everywhere, drifting everywhere.

It’s God who has regard for us; it’s God who has uplifted us all.

We have been corrupted by Satan so deeply, extremely filthy like dung.

But God does not detest us, judging and chastising us to purify us.

My numb heart has been aroused, deeply feeling that He is dear and lovely.


In the ghost town ruled by the great devil,

who is free from corruption and lives out humanity?

There is no human life, there is no light.

Everywhere is dark and desolate. What a miserable scene!

God becomes small from the highest, humbles Himself and puts on the flesh.

For saving man, He comes to this place; He expends all His painstaking care to save us.

O God! O God! You selected us; You transform us to be a new man.

I’m willing to love You and obey You; I will be grateful and praise Your love forever.

I will be grateful and praise Your love forever.

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