1036 God Bestows Truth and Life Freely on Mankind

1 God has bestowed the most precious of things on humans. That is, God has freely given His life and all that He has and is to humans so that they can live it out, so that they can transform what God has and is and the truth He bestows upon them into the direction and the path for them to live, turn the word of God into their life, and rely on this life to live. In addition to bestowing life upon humans, the one requirement He has for them is that they take this life of God, turn it into their own life, and live it out. When God sees people living this life out, He feels satisfied.

2 While accepting God’s words as their own life, humans also come to understand the truth, gain the principles of what it is to be human, grow the roots they need to be human, and gain the direction they need to walk to be human. They are no longer deceived and bound by Satan, no longer deceived and used by evil people, and no longer polluted, defiled, bound, or seduced by evil trends. Humans live free between heaven and earth, and they are liberated. They are able to live genuinely under God’s dominion, no longer to suffer harm by any evil or dark forces. Thus, through experiencing God’s work, humans reap the greatest gains; they are the greatest beneficiaries.

3 While humans are living out this life, they no longer experience any pain, but instead live happily and without hardship; they live freely and have a normal relationship with God. They can no longer rebel against God or oppose Him; rather, they can live genuinely under God’s domination. They live a right and proper life, from the inside out, and become genuine humans. Only by accepting the life that comes from God can you save your own life. If you obtain this life, then your life will be boundless; this is eternal life.

Adapted from “Man Is the Greatest Beneficiary of God’s Management Plan” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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