863 God Incarnate Has Lived Long Amongst Man

Verse 1

When God became flesh and lived among man for years,

when He’d seen and been through many ways people lived,

He thought not of living a good life, being free,

or having comfort.

Verse 2

Instead, going through real human life, He saw

how helpless were those living amongst corruption.

He saw and went through the bleak conditions of those

who lived in sin.

Channel 1

He saw they lost direction,

overcome by Satan’s torture.

Everything He saw made Him feel

the need and the importance

of the work He’d undertaken

while He lived in the flesh.

Verse 3

As all this went on, Jesus understood more and more

what He had to do, what He’d been entrusted with.

He became ever eager to complete the work

He was to take on.

Channel 2

He’d atone for mankind’s sins

so they lived in sin no longer.

And God would forgive their sins

because of the sin offering,

so God could keep on working

for mankind’s salvation.


Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself

as a sin offering for the sake of mankind,

to be nailed to the cross.

When He saw the bleak human condition,

He wanted more to fulfill His mission,

without a second’s delay.

It was so urgent; He gave no contemplation

to His own pain or humiliation.

His heart held just one conviction.

Verse 4

As long as He offered Himself and was crucified

as a sin offering, then God’s will would be done,

and then God could start new work where man’s life of sin

would be transformed.


His conviction and determination

were related to bringing man salvation.

He only wanted to do God’s will

so God could start His work’s next stage.

This is what Lord Jesus was thinking.

Adapted from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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