292 God’s Love Has Melted My Heart

1 O God! I have heard Your voice and returned before You. Your words have exposed and judged me, showing me how profoundly corrupt I am. I believed in the Lord merely to be rewarded; I suffered in return for the blessings of the kingdom of heaven. So many times I refused Your salvation; I even made judgments about You and resisted You. Still You forgave me, though I brought You so much pain. I just hate how stubborn I was, and how devoid of humanity.

2 O God! The judgment of Your words has called my heart awake. Many times, faced with Your love, my heart has been filled with pain and regret. During my chastisement, You are by my side; during my refinement, Your heart aches for me. Your words provide for what I lack; when I am sad, they bring me comfort. I am so filthy and corrupt; I am deeply aware that I am not fit for Your love. Given my disobedience and resistance, I should accept Your judgment and cleansing all the more.

3 O God! Your incarnation reveals Your love. You have endured immense humiliation to save mankind. You have suffered the pain of mankind’s rejection, yet You’ve never complained about the world’s desolation. You speak and work, enduring all manner of persecution, with no place to rest Your head. You’ve never enjoyed familial happiness; no one offers You the slightest warmth. Humble and hidden, You express the truth solely to purify and gain people.

4 O God! Your love is so real, it has melted my heart. You patiently await man’s repentance, so how could I hesitate any longer? I’ve enjoyed so much of Your love, and should be even more considerate of Your will; I resolve to pursue the truth, perform my duty well, and repay Your love. I’m willing to endure trials, refinement, and hardship, stand firm in my testimony, and satisfy You. I will truly love You and live by Your words; I will forever follow and testify to You.

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