1025 God Is Incarnated to Suffer on Man’s Behalf

1 God is incarnated in the flesh in order to suffer on humanity’s behalf, and having done so, He will bring about mankind’s wonderful destination to come. That stage of work completed by Jesus only served as His becoming the likeness of sinful flesh and being crucified, as well as His serving as a sin offering and redemption for all humanity; this laid a foundation for humanity’s future entry into its wonderful destination. He took people’s sins upon Himself and was crucified and became the sin offering, after which mankind was redeemed. That is, it served as a proof through which humans may be forgiven of their sins and may come before God, and it was, moreover, a countermove in the war against Satan.

2 During the last days, God will complete His work and bring the old age to a close, and He will bring those humans who remain to their wonderful destination. Thus, God has once again become flesh and, in addition to conquering humanity, has come to endure some suffering on people’s behalf. All of mankind’s suffering will be removed by means of this proof, this deed, which will involve God’s bearing testimony for Himself and using this proof and this testimony to defeat Satan, humiliate the devil, and bring about humanity’s wonderful destination.

3 God incarnate has come to do His work and to experience the pain of the world. It matters that God does this work, and it is very essential both for mankind and for mankind’s future destination. This is all being done to bring salvation to humanity and to obtain humans; these deeds are being done and this effort is being expended for humanity’s wonderful destination. After God brings humans back by tasting of human suffering, Satan will no longer have anything it can use against them, and humanity will turn to God completely. Only then can humans be considered to wholly belong to God.

Adapted from “The Meaning of God’s Experiencing the Pain of the World” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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